Slimline Lamp with Movement Sensor
SL 025

  • Slim casing
  • Electronic ballast
  • Lamp without/with electrical socket (choice of sockets)
  • Magnet fixing (option)
  • Energy saving lamp
  • Automatic switching

The flat slimline lamp SL 025 with movement sensor is suitable for all types of panels and enclosures, especially where space is at a premium. The lamp can be mounted on its narrow or broad surface using screws. It is also available with a magnet which allows it to be fitted quickly in any position in a steel enclosure. Both versions are available with an integrated electrical socket enabling the use of additional appliances. The movement sensor substitutes a door contact switch.

Power consumption9 W
Luminosity510Lm (equals 45W light bulb)
Lamp typeenergy saving lamp, 2G7 socket
Service life10,000h
SwitchPIR movement sensor, approx. 6 min. fixed switch-on duration
Connectionterminal 2.5mm² with cable clamp, torque 0.8Nm max.
Mountingscrew fixing, M5, 300mm centers
magnet fixing (optional)
Casingplastic according to UL94 V-0, light grey
Dimensions345 x 91 x 40mm
Fitting positionnarrow surface/broad surface
Operating/Storage temperature-20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F) / -45 to +70°C (-49 to +158°F)
Operating/Storage humiditymax. 90% RH (non-condensing)
Protection typeIP20
NoteThe slimline lamp SL 025 is also available with a 19" front panel

The PIR movement sensor switches the lighting on when the enclosure door is opened. The switch-on time is reset with every further registered movement. The movement sensor does not react to movement on the other side of glass and so can be used in enclosures with glass doors.

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Art. No.ModelOperating voltageSocketNominal currentWeight (approx.)Protection classApprovals
02520.0-03without magnet230VAC, 50/60HzGermany/Russia (1)16.0A0.4kgI (earthed)VDE-GS-EAC
02520.1-04with magnet230VAC, 50/60HzGermany/Russia (1)16.0A0.5kgI (earthed)VDE-GS-EAC
02521.0-03without magnet230VAC, 50/60HzF/PL/CZ/SK (2)16.0A0.4kgI (earthed)VDE-GS-EAC
02527.0-04without magnet230VAC, 50/60Hznone-0.4kgII (double insulated)VDE-GSUL File No. E234324EAC
02527.1-15with magnet230VAC, 50/60Hznone-0.5kgII (double insulated)VDE-GS-EAC
02527.1-17with magnet120VAC, 50/60Hznone-0.5kgII (double insulated)-UL File No. E234324EAC

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Technical Drawings

Slimline Lamp with movement sensor SL 025

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