Small Compact Thermostat
KTO 111 / KTS 111

  • Safe wiring with Push-In connection
  • Faster and tool-free wiring  
  • Improved air intakes for ventilation
  • Easy adjustability of switch temperature setting  
  • for use in up to 5,000 m altitude  

The mechanical thermostats KTO 111 and KTS 111 are two state regulators for use up to 5,000 meters in altitude, thanks to optimised air gap and increased creepage distance. By use of Push-In terminals the thermostat is wired tool-free. The Push-In terminals provide constant pressure on the wires to prevent them from coming loose (e.g. during transport).  

KTO 111: Thermostat (NC); contact breaker for regulating heaters. The contact opens when temperature is rising.

KTS  111: Thermostat (NO); contact maker for regulating of filter fans and heat exchangers or for switching signal devises when temperature limit has been exceeded. The contact closes when temperature is rising.

Switch temperature difference7 K (±4 K tolerance)
Sensor elementthermostatic bimetal
Contact typesnap-action contact
Service life100,000 cycles verified
Max. operating voltage, frequency rangeAC 250 V, 50-60 Hz
Max. inrush currentAC 16 A for 10 sec.
Connection12 Push-In clamps
rigid wire 2.5 mm² (AWG 14)
stranded wire1 1.5 mm² (AWG 16)
Mountingclip for 35 mm DIN rail, EN 60715
Casingplastic according to UL94 V-0, light grey
Dimensions60 x 33 x 41 mm
Weightapprox. 40 g
Fitting positionvariable
Operating/Storage temperature-45 to +80 °C (-49 to +176 °F)
Operating/Storage humiditymax. 90 % RH (non-condensing)
Protection type/Protection classIP20 / II
Overvoltage category/AltitudeII: up to 5,000 m; III: up to 2,000 m

1 Stripped length of rigid wire: 10 to 12 mm. When connecting with wires, wire end ferrules must be used (square or trapezoid crimp). Length of wire end ferrule: 10 mm or 12 mm.

Important note: The contact system of the regulator is subjected to environmental influences, thus the contact resistance may change. This can lead to a voltage drop and/or self-heating of the contacts.

Setting range
Art. No.
Contact breaker (NC)
Art. No.
Contact maker (NO)
AC 250 V
AC 120 V
DC 24-72 V
0 to +60 °C11100.0-0011101.0-0010 (2) A15 (2) A30 WVDEUL File No. E164102EAC 
-10 to +50 °C11100.0-0111101.0-0110 (2) A15 (2) A30 WVDEUL File No. E164102EAC
+20 to +80 °C11100.0-0211101.0-023 (2) A3 (2) A30 WVDEUL File No. E164102EAC
+32 to +140 °F11100.9-0011101.9-0010 (2) A15 (2) A30 WVDEUL File No. E164102EAC
+14 to +122 °F11100.9-0111101.9-0110 (2) A15 (2) A30 WVDEUL File No. E164102EAC

2 The level of switching current has an influence on the tolerance accuracy;

Technical Drawing

Small Compact Thermostat KTO 111 / KTS 111 Series